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The operation of a company is an endless worldwide competition

The operation of a company is an endless worldwide competition. Only with innovation, advanced technology, and stable quality could a company sustain the operation and not be eliminated in the competition. We strive to serve our clients with aggressive and responsible attitude, aim to meet customers' needs, enthusiastic service, completion quality guarantee, and market-oriented and global operation approach.

More functional products have been developed to protect us from deteriorating environments, in hope to create more comfortable, healthy, and functional products and variety of choices to consumers to help the modern people pursuing their demands in high quality life.


(1) Main products: Knit fabrics(made by circular, warping ) in pique mesh, jacquard, micro fleece, terry
, air mesh, anti-pilling, boucle, brushed fabric, burnt out, calendered, chiffon fabrics, circular knit, clipping, computer jacquard, cordura, corduroy, covered yarn, crinkie, crochet, denim, doubie fleece, double knit engineering strips, doubie knit jacquard,double terry,embossed,embroidery,engineering stripe,fleece,flocked,french terry,hemstitch,honeycomb,industrial fabric, in-lay, interlock, jacquard, jersey, knit, linen lycra,mercerized,mesh,mesh/nets,metallic,nylon fabric,ottoman,pigue,pile fabric ---etc.
(2) Function uses: Multiply yarns with several function engineries(environmental protection natural fibers) having water repellant , oil repellant, water absorbent & moisture transferable, anti-bacteria, far infrared, minus icon, remove stench, , UV cut, keep warm, water proof & vapor permeate and fire retardant characters.
(3) Application: Garment, sports, footwear, bag and bedding.

Management  logic:

Quality. profession
practical and honest.

Managemen policy:

Quality is our principle truth and customers' demand is our source. We always provide free service.





Establish Since:1990
employees: 20
2.superintendent:Sam Chen
3.Contact Person:May
4.Capitalization:fifty million