Eco-friendly-without limitations
Protecting the present and future environment us a basic task for all of humankind. and efficient recycling of plastics and synthetic fibers is one key to its attainment.
The recyling of polyester textiles and PET bottles has grown in recent years. but it has generally been by conventional material-recyling processes which inherently limit both the range of applications and number of recycling times.
Ecosensor fibers are free from these limitations. as a product of the world's first commercial chemical-process polyester recyling technology-the Ecosensor repolymerization and process from Asahi Kasei Fibers.


EcossensorR Essentials

Pure polyester fibers, with superior quality,and performance. from recyled polyester textiles and PET films and bottles.
The eco-efficiency of recycling. conserving resources and reducing the environmental burden. with no compromise in product quality or performance.
Made possible by the chemical recycling process of Asahi Kasei Fibers. which breaks down the polymers of the used polyester products to their two constituent monomers. and then separates. purifies. and polymerizes the monomers to produce pure polyester polymer

Ecosensor is a product of the Asahi Kasei Fibers conserving natural resources and reducing environmental burden, for products of superior quality. function. and performance,through chemical recycling technology.


EcossensorR Product Application

It can be applied extensively to various products, e.g. garment, underwear, shoes material, shoes mat, hat, chair cushion, mattress, bedding, home decoration, ecercise machine, kneeped, towel, scarf, etc.