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Organic Natural Cotton Fabric


Call organic natural cotton, use organic fertilizer cultivation for must condition. Natural zoology is a motif seeks this kind energy value. Content points how to don't make dirty earth, left a beautiful environment for the younger generation.

Under the Texas organic cotton cultivate standard detailed content, they prescribe key items of certification:

  1. The field proceeded cultivation, is must stopping sprinkle fertilizer and pesticide pass through three years above.
  2. Seed must do not use disinfect.
  3. Can not use insecticide, herbicide, and dry leaf medicament.
  4. Must to demarcate with other not organic cultivation field.


  1. Process of produce: the process of spinning manufacture without use any chemistry complex will not hurt the health.
  2. Environment protection: this commodity emphasized everyone must to cherish our live environment, can not result in pollution to earth.


  1. At ordinary clothing aspect: have babies' wear, underwear of children, coat, men and women leisure suit, pajamas, maillot, stocking, shirt, jacket, female style underclothes and other articles of daily use, shorts, long pants, etc.
  2. At sleep bedding aspect: have baby or child bedding, cotton blanket, coverlet, towel, and towel blanket, etc.
  3. At sportswear aspect: every men and women outdoor leisure suits, etc.


  1. GC(100%).

Other blending proportion can develop by according to exceptional requirement.